Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My House Guests are Coming Back!

Last fall, I watched 2 wonderful cats while their owner was away.  Prince and Pumpkin were delightful.  I have a big house, so I was able to keep them in their own bedroom.  When I was home, I opened up the hall and they had access to another room.  When I had the hall open, the dog would be outside or in her own room.  Thunder would be safely in the middle of the house--sometimes peeking in from a distance.  He didn't like them, but he got used to them being around.  Maggie never did.  Sigh...

Pumpkin was just a tiny kitten.  There was nothing tiny about Prince.  He was a demanding, and adorable, tyrant.  I am really looking forward to having them over, again.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stormy in a Deep Blue Funk Because there is no Sunshine

Kinda silly that a cat named Stormy is so addicted to sun that he has withdrawal when there isn't any.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy Cat: The Movie

I downloaded "Happy Cat: The Movie" from the library's website, Hoopla.  With my library card, I have access to hundreds of free movies, TV shows and music.  It is pretty neat.  Anyway, I never expected that Thunder would be all that interested.  Unlike Ellen's cat, he has never showed any interest in TV.
 It is all visuals and sounds that the producers think that cats would like.  He saw ducks and mice and birds and fish.  He was entranced by all.
 It may have been the noises that most interested him.  They had cat noises and bird noises and even whale noises.  He liked the whales.
 He particularly liked this bird.
 Maggie liked the duck noises, but she didn't get as close to the computer.
 Thunder is always a careful cat.  He is gently touching the screen.
 Once the peacock noises started, he seemed to get nervous, so I shut it off.
 Instead, I put on a less stimulating show on National Geographic.  "Cats: Caressing the Tiger."  He watched the whole thing, but he watched it quietly.
 The black blob is Maggie joining in. They ended up watching it together.  Oh, I watched it with them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"Trail Training for the Horse and Rider"

My book, "Trail Training for the Horse and Rider" is officially out of print! I got the last 2 cartons from the publisher, so you can still buy it new from me. If you are interested in buying my book, let me know. It is $19.95 plus shipping. We could work out those details when I find out how you would like me to ship it.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sleepy Cuddly Day

It rained just about all day, today.  So what is a cat to do if there is no sunshine?  Red Blanket!  Red Blanket is electric--perfect to keep cats and people warm on chilly days.

Thunder decided that the plan was to cuddle up and watch DVDs and read.  When I left the room, he came out to get me and bring me back.

He is very insistent.  He tells me what I want by crying.  I go to see what the problem is--and he takes off trotting as fast as his paws can carry him--back to the room with Red Blanket.

Who can resist?  I certainly can't.  I finally gave up and spent the rest of the evening in there with him.
I draw the line on sleeping in there, tonight.  We are sleeping in a bed--that is all there is to it.  Silly little cat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thunder Wake Up

Doesn't he still look sleepy?  When I worked, apparently, Thunder scheduled his naps around my job.  Now that I am retired, I schedule my day around Thunder's naps.

He likes to nap after breakfast.  I can get the most things done in the morning.  This is my best time to work in the yard.  He doesn't even care.

Around lunch, he wakes up. He wants something to eat--and then he hangs out with me.  Poor Maggie, she doesn't get her walk until he settles down for his afternoon catnap.

We walk; he naps.  When I get back, he is ready to hang out with me.  He probably won't nap until late afternoon or evening--and that is for only about an hour--then he demands my attention, again.  He is a very demanding cat.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fall and Arbez

Here is Fall and Arbez.  They are Kevin's precious ones.  Sorry about the quality of the photo--it is from my cheap phone and there wasn't enough light.  They were just so cute, there, I couldn't resist.

Arbez is a very sensitive cat, and we have to be very careful with her.  If you pet too far down her back, you may need stitches.  She loves being pet around her head, though. 

Fall is the exact opposite.  You can do anything to her, and she will just keep purring.  Kevin suspects that I only go over his house to spend time with his lovely cats.