Monday, January 15, 2018

Crisis in Our World

The other night, I came home and Thunder was acting odd.  Instead of our normal greeting routine, he was acting like something was bothering him--as if he just threw up a hairball.  He wanted me to console him.  It was a little dark in the dining room, so it took me a few minutes to figure out the problem.  I saw something on his chin.  I quickly turned on the light and saw a drop of blood!

Panic time!  I asked him if he could eat.  He immediately walked over to one of the Temptations I have "hidden" on an upturned coffee cup and ate it.  Then he went to the next one.  That was a good sign.  I couldn't get a real good look at it, though. 

I got him some canned food and gave it to him.  He tried to take a bite and pulled away a little--then took the bite.  He did that several times.  I then knew the blood had to have come from his mouth.  This went on, but since he ate a lot, I felt a little better.

After he ate, I put him in front of me and looked at his mouth.  He didn't like that and struggled a little.  I still saw enough to know that whatever it was, it wasn't something obvious.  I noticed a bunch of the cat obstacles I had set up for him were scattered.  Most particularly, the 2x4 jump was knocked down.  I then formed my suspicions--it was Maggie, aka Dumb Dog.

I think that she must have been on a barking rampage and scattered things. Thunder bolted, and hurt himself somehow when he did.  Often he runs up the circular metal stairs--and sometimes he will slip if he goes too fast.  I don't think Maggie did anything to him, but his panic did.

I hope that all he did was bite his lip or tongue.

I took him up to bed, and he immediately went to eat some of the dry food I have set up for him in my bedroom.  Then he drank.  He did both of these things tentatively.  When he was done, he came to visit me, and I could see that the water washed all the blood off his chin--proving to me the injury was in his mouth.

The next day, there was no more blood and he ate a lot--and with confidence.  Unfortunately, whenever Maggie barked, he would go in hiding and not come out for a long time.  And Maggie barked a lot.  She always does.  Every time she hears a noise outside or sees a deer in the yard. 

We didn't do any playing or cuddling.  I barely got to pet him all day.  When I left in the evening to see Kevin, I put Maggie in lockdown in her room.  She could bark all she liked from there, but maybe Thunder wouldn't be so scared when she did.

When I got home, he was much more confident, but he still didn't want to play.  We just went up to bed and cuddled and cuddled. 

Maggie might be going in lockdown for a while when I'm not home.  I hope they can work things out.  I think he needs to chase her around to reassert his dominance,  She just makes us crazy...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Thunder and Static Electricity

Poor Thunder is really suffering from static electricity.  We have always had this problem in the winter, but the latest cold spell has made it worse than ever.  When I pet him, his fur just crackles.  He looks a mess.  I won't embarrass him and show any pictures of him with a static attack.  Poor guy.

The worst part is when he touches me with his nose, or I kiss him on his head and touch his ear by accident.  We get shocked and both jump back.  Most cats don't seem to care if they get shocks, but Thunder does.  He is very sensitive.

Short of getting a humidifier, I do whatever I can to keep moisture in the air.  My plants are watered so much, I can't believe I haven't killed them.  (That wouldn't be such a bad thing.  After 30-40 years of looking at the same plants, I wouldn't miss them.)  I was dishes (by hand) nearly every day, and I let my showers really steam up the place.  It will get better.  In the meantime, I have to kiss Thunder with care.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thunder’s Schedule

Thunder’s Schedule

When I retired, I was looking forward to spending all my time at home with Thunder.  I learned that I can, as long as I follow his schedule.

In the morning, he likes his breakfast--which I have to give him numerous times.  After breakfast, he will let me spend some time with him.  Sometimes he wants to play a game, but often, he just sits on his pedestal and wants me to pet him and adore him.

About a half hour after I wake up, he has a big drink and then is ready for his morning nap.  I think he got accustomed to this routine because I would go to work or the barn and leave him alone.  During his morning nap, I can get chores done (no vacuuming,) pay bills and any other quiet things.  When the weather's nice, it is a perfect time to work in the yard.

He starts to wake up around 11:00 AM.  That is usually when I want to take a break, but he won’t let me.  He will continually call me to him.  He wants to play, eat lunch and generally socialize with me.  I must pet and adore him--a lot.  I get hungry and want to eat lunch, myself, but he will interrupt me many times.  When he meows, I just can’t resist him.  He has the prettiest voice.

After I finish my lunch, Maggie and I like to go for our walk.  We can’t go until he settles down for his early afternoon nap.  Whenever I try to tell him we are leaving, he starts to do something adorable, and I can’t break away from him.  Maggie gets more and more impatient, but Thunder rules our house.

Then, very suddenly, he will curl up and take a nap.  We head out on our walk.  Sometimes, when we get back, he is still napping and I busy myself with other things.   Mid afternoon, he decides it is playtime.  Thunder prefers interactive play, the best.  He adds in a lot of running and goofing around in the way cats do.  Sometimes he likes to explore, and sometimes he just wants me to follow him around and pet him.  

At this time, I might try to watch a DVD, and we play during the show.  After about 45 minutes, he either takes a nap with me or leaves.  It will be time for his mid afternoon nap.

He usually has another very brisk play time around 4:00 or 5:00, too.  If I spent the evening with him, he will play more around 9:00 and then at any time, he will be happy to go to bed.  If I go out in the evening, he will save his playtime for when I come; home.  Typically, I am sleepy and want to go to bed, but that won’t happen until he has had enough time to run around and eat his late night snack.  He has another big drink, and then I know he is ready for cuddle time.

He sleeps with me until the wee hours of the morning--then he leaves, and I don’t know what he does--but he is always waiting for his breakfast.  Then the whole routine starts, again.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution this year is to get my Thunder Blog going.  I am going to try to do a cat blog a week--even more if I get inspired.  Actually, I am always inspired about writing about cats--particularly Thunder--I just have to sit down and do it.

Thunder is a delight.  All cats are, to me, but Thunder is my heart's delight.  Some would say that he is the reason I retired.  As with so many things, a lot of reasons form a big decision, but I confess, the thought of spending more time with Thunder was one of them.

So, if you want to hear all about what makes Thunder the Wonder Cat so wonderful, stay tuned.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thunder the Delightful

Thunder the Delightful

I came home, today, and Thunder greeted me, of course.  He wanted all my attention.  I wanted supper.  I stuck my meal in the microwave, and he still wanted attention.  I tried to get him to eat his supper, but that isn't what he wanted.

I had 3 minutes until my meal was ready, so I followed him around and told him how beautiful he is.  I tried to get him to eat, and he still refused.  I followed him around some more while he purred and showed me his scratching post, his other scratching post, his pad, his pedestal, his other pad...

This is how it always is with him.  After a while, he was ready to eat, and I was able to get my supper, too.  He is one of those cats who is truly, truly happy to see me--and isn't just happy that I am home to feed him.  He makes me feel very loved.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Who is the Cutest?

I have a t-shirt that I have been wearing for years.  It says" Owner of the world's cutest cat."  Of course, I think Thunder is as cute as can be.  Every cat mother thinks they have the cutest cat, but I  have to be honest.  Ellen's cat, Stormy, is cuter.  Thunder is the handsome, elegant one.  Storm is just 100 percent cute.  Here are some pictures of both.  What do you think?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Red Blanket

Red Blanket

A couple of years ago, Ellen got me the neatest gift for Christmas.  It is a small electric blanket--about 6x6.  It is just perfect for a chilly house like mine.  I like to keep it in our TV room.  Thunder, over time, has become very attached to it.  One of his favorite activities has turned into watching TV.  Actually, I don’t watch much TV at all--it has been months.  I sign out TV series from the library, instead.

Thunder has become obsessed with Red Blanket.  I usually don’t have it on, but he still keeps bringing me to it.  I walk up to him, and he trots away, with his tail up in the air--his signal to follow him.  He brings me to Red Blanket so I will sit and pet him, or give him pieces of dry cat food, one at a time.  

He rolls, stretches and purrs.  He begs for pets.

This happens many times a day.

He likes it so much that he is more tolerant of me grooming or brushing his teeth on Red Blanket than anywhere else.

I have taken to sitting on red blanket--instead of my favorite chair to read in the quiet part of the afternoon.  I turn it on low, and he gets so content.  Anything that makes Thunder happy, makes me happy, too.