Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trouble in Paradise, Again

Trouble in Paradise, Again

A few weeks ago, Maggie the dog was chasing a fly.  It flew into the other room where Thunder was.  I wasn't there.  Suddenly, Maggie started growling and barking at Thunder.  All I could think was that Thunder got between her and the fly.

I ran to the room to break it up.  Thunder scurried up to my bedroom--where Maggie can't go.  Maggie got yelled at.

Since then, Maggie has been respectful of Thunder ever since, but Thunder has been very afraid of her.  I have been having trouble getting him to come downstairs.  He will come down and greet me, get something to eat--then he runs back up.

To make things worse--it had to be around the 4th of July.  Maggie barks at fireworks.  Whenever she barks, now, he runs upstairs.  Then it takes hours to get him back down. If the fireworks werent' enough, we have had a lot of thunderstorms.  She barks at thunder, too.

It has been awful for me.  He is happy up there--he has everything a cat should need.  There are 2 rooms--both with great windows, food, water and a litter box.  Every time I would visit him, he would be so happy!  Of course, I sleep up there, too.

Each time he would start to get brave, she would bark at something--and away he would run.

I miss him!  Without him to distract me, I have no excuse.  I have to do housework.

Yesterday, he seemed to want to try hanging out downstairs, again.  I had an idea.  I took the ramp that Ellen gave me that her dog used to us and put it in his favorite room with red blanket--his favorite blanket.  The ramp was for Maggie, but she was afraid of it.  Thunder decided he like to sleep on it.  By moving it to a different room, it attracted him like a magnet!

Maggie was having a quiet day.  He managed to spend all morning and afternoon downstairs--mostly on the dog ramp. 

He has been downstairs again today.  He seems to get less skittish with each hour he is down here.  I hope that Maggie doesn't bark...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

My House Guest went Back Home

My little cat friends, Pumpkin and Prince, are back home with their mom.  I am going to miss the little guys.  We had a lot of fun.

The biggest surprise, which I still can't get over, is the fact that Maggie was good.  She wasn't perfect,  but she impressed me, none the less.  I only reprimanded her a couple of times each day.  Most of the time, I could leave their bedroom door open to give them access to the hall and other bedroom.  Maggie would just sit by the screen and often times, I would see her wagging her tail.

Prince was needy, and it sounds like he is usually needy at home, too.  He would meow for me.  Now, he is a huge cat--but he has a tiny meow.  I think he would be happiest with a person to sit and pet him 24 hours a day.  He loves treats, too.  That came in handy.  When I would try to pet Pumpkin, Prince would often interfere.  I thwarted him by throwing him treats, one by one, to keep him busy so I could talk to Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is just as adorable now as he was last fall--just bigger.  Wow, can he purr!  One pet, and he bursts into purrs.  He likes his belly rubbed--such a little belly compared to Prince!  His favorite thing was exploring.  He just loved to wander around their wing of the house.  Good thing Maggie was guarding the gate, or he would have been wandering around the whole house.

Pumpkin's favorite spot to sleep was the bed.  Prince liked a pink cat bed that was too small for him.  He overflowed over the sides.  Every time I would peek in during their nap times, that is where he would be.  His mom says he has one at home and never uses it.  Cats can be so contrary!

Thunder liked to watch them from afar.  A couple of times, I caught him growling at Prince, but he didn't seem to mind Pumpkin at all.  After the first day, Thunder did relax, and when he wasn't watching them, he was going bout his ordinary activities.

I, of course, was making sure he got as much attention as ever.  I would take turns between them.  It was busy for me, but I had so much fun with them all that I didn't mind.  Since Maggie was so good, it was relatively easy, too.  Thanks, Maggie!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cat Sitting Breakthrough

My house guests are back!  Prince and Pumpkin are here for a week.  They visited last fall when Pumpkin was just a baby.  He is nearly grown now, and he turned into a fine, little cat.  Prince is a fine, big cat.

They have their own room.  I open it up and let them have access to a hall, bathroom and another bedroom--but only under supervision.  I have it blocked off from the rest of the house with the screen from the fireplace.  This way, they can explore and Thunder can watch them.

Last time they were over, Maggie was a big problem.  Every time she would see them, she would bark aggressively and try to lunge at them.  I had to have her locked up in her bedroom or outside for them to have free time.

This morning, I went in to check on them--and set up the screen, just in case.  I was greeting them; when Prince snuck out into the hall.  Before I could herd him back into the room, he was sniffing noses with Maggie through the screen.  Maggie got much praise!  I couldn't believe she was so good.

I went and got some treats so I could click her for her good behavior.  This is how I introduced her to Thunder all those years ago.  I asked her to set and watch the cats, and I clicked and treated her for it. 

It was going wonderfully.  That is, until Prince walked up to her and hissed at her through the screen.  Maggie defensively started to bark and carry on.  I yelled at her, and she stopped.  Prince dashed into the bedroom.  Pumpkin was in the bathroom and was afraid to come out.  I had to carry him back into the bedroom.  I couldn't get mad at Maggie.  Prince tempted her too much.

We worked on the lesson later in the day.  Maggie was doing reality well, and then she got into puppy play position and started making noises.  I yelled at her for that, too.  Even though it wasn't that aggressive, I don't think I want her trying to play with them through the screen.

I was worried about them trying to get over the screen.  Pumpkin did once, last time.  Now that they know what is on the other side, they are much more careful. 

Maggie and Thunder just watch.  It is giving them a lot of entertainment!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Cat Love Goes Way Back


It all started when I was a little girl.  I lived (and still live) in an isolated part of a large, populous suburb of Cleveland.  Come summertime, when I was no longer in school, I didn't see much of my friends.  I couldn't walk anywhere since the street was so busy and my mother didn't drive.  My dad worked all hours--being a policeman.  Consequently, I got lonely.  I had my sister and our friend who lived next door, (who we are still friends with) but I still spent a lot of time alone.
   But we had cats.  Specifically 3 Siamese.  They were named Rima, Ping and Pong.  Rima was temperamental and taught us kids manners around cats--but never with her claws out.  She would swat us but never hurt us.  The two boys were always gentle.  I used to hang out with Pong; all the time.  I followed him around the house, and we took walks outside.
   A stray found our house.  He was friendly, but my dad didn't want another cat.  He hung out for a week--and then disappeared for a day.  When he came back, he was limping.  My dad melted, and we got another cat.  His name was Catnip.  I followed him around the house and took him for walks.
   I loved them all.  They were my best buddies. 
   All that time around the cats, just watching them and playing with them taught me so much about cats.  I am very good at reading their emotions and understanding them.  Because of it, I do well with temperamental cats--and I like the challenging cats.  My boyfriend has two cats.  Fall is a sweetheart, but Arbez is known as "The Queen of Mean."  She's not mean with me--I am the only one who can pet her besides my boyfriend.  She is always on my lap, purring.  I get along great with Princess, the barn cat.  She is the most horrible cat I have ever met.  She loves people but has no patience for us.  We never know when she will attack, so most people ignore her.  She loves me and comes when I call her--follows me everywhere--sits on my lap all the time--and hisses at me when I remove her.  I can tell when she is going to "the darkside" and avoid injury.
   I befriended a feral black tom cat that lived at our barn.  He was caked with dried mud, and he let me remove it all--and he was devoted to me from that day on.  I still cry about the day he died... I named him Blackster, and someday, I will have my own black cat and I will give him that name.
   I can sure go on about cats...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My House Guests are Coming Back!

Last fall, I watched 2 wonderful cats while their owner was away.  Prince and Pumpkin were delightful.  I have a big house, so I was able to keep them in their own bedroom.  When I was home, I opened up the hall and they had access to another room.  When I had the hall open, the dog would be outside or in her own room.  Thunder would be safely in the middle of the house--sometimes peeking in from a distance.  He didn't like them, but he got used to them being around.  Maggie never did.  Sigh...

Pumpkin was just a tiny kitten.  There was nothing tiny about Prince.  He was a demanding, and adorable, tyrant.  I am really looking forward to having them over, again.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stormy in a Deep Blue Funk Because there is no Sunshine

Kinda silly that a cat named Stormy is so addicted to sun that he has withdrawal when there isn't any.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy Cat: The Movie

I downloaded "Happy Cat: The Movie" from the library's website, Hoopla.  With my library card, I have access to hundreds of free movies, TV shows and music.  It is pretty neat.  Anyway, I never expected that Thunder would be all that interested.  Unlike Ellen's cat, he has never showed any interest in TV.
 It is all visuals and sounds that the producers think that cats would like.  He saw ducks and mice and birds and fish.  He was entranced by all.
 It may have been the noises that most interested him.  They had cat noises and bird noises and even whale noises.  He liked the whales.
 He particularly liked this bird.
 Maggie liked the duck noises, but she didn't get as close to the computer.
 Thunder is always a careful cat.  He is gently touching the screen.
 Once the peacock noises started, he seemed to get nervous, so I shut it off.
 Instead, I put on a less stimulating show on National Geographic.  "Cats: Caressing the Tiger."  He watched the whole thing, but he watched it quietly.
 The black blob is Maggie joining in. They ended up watching it together.  Oh, I watched it with them.