Monday, December 26, 2016

Thunder and the New Windows

We had an unseasonably warm day for December, and when the temps got into the upper 50s, I turned down the thermostat and opened a bunch of my new windows.  They put them in a few weeks ago, and the smell from the caulking was still very strong.  It was time to get some fresh air.  This was an easy process since I no longer have to fuss with storm windows/

I was never able to open up the dining room window in the past, so this was a new experience for Thunder.  His eyes got big with amazement.  He very cautiously approached the window--sniffing the whole time.  I put one of his pedestals in front of it, and in a few minutes, he was on it peering out.

Thunder is one of those very cautious cats.  He isn't at all a daredevil like my sister's cat, Stormy.  It took him a while before he could just relax and look out of it.  It helped when we got some big gusts of wind and leaves started blowing around. Thunder loves hunting leaves.

You would think he would just want to stay in front if the window and enjoy a taste of the outdoors, but he was soon on his way.  He wanted to explore the whole house.  Once he gets into exploring mode, everything becomes interesting.  He would stop whenever he would hear the rare bird and just listen.  Then, of course, he got hungry...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thunder's Opinion: Dogs Ruin Everything

i was trying to take a picture of Thunder, and Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, kept getting in the way.  He just kept staring at her with this expression.

He really does seem to think dogs ruin everything.

If he is taking a nap, who is the one to bark at the deer outside and wake him up--causing him to run for cover?

If he is sitting on my lap, she wants to join us.

If she is sitting on my lap, her 35 pounds of fur take up so much room, he can barely find a spot.

She smells--particularly in the summer time when she goes swimming every day.  Then, not only does she smell, but she stays wet for hours.

If he wants to play a game, she is bound to walk into to room and distract him--ruining his concentration.  Or, she will bark at a deer...

If he is hunting birds or squirrels on the windowsill, she will bark and chase them away.

He loves to eat on the floor.  She has to get as close as possible and watch him eat. At least she knows not to steal his food, but he doesn't trust her.

I used to hide treats for him in paper towel tubes.  Not only did she eat the treats, she ate the tubes, too.  We can't play that game, anymore...

When he is feeling generous and makes gestures of friendship, she doesn't understand and backs away from him.  At that point, he feels the best thing to do is give her a swat.

She does let him stalk and pounce her because I have praised her so much for tolerating him--and given her plenty of treat for it, so that is good.  Still, she doesn't play the game as willingly as a cat, and if he does it too much, she will refuse to even get close to him.  That is not the proper way to play pounce.

If I try to take pictures of him, she wants to be part of the action, and as in this case, disturbs his gorgeous poses.

Yes, in Thunder's opinion, dogs ruin everything.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Scarf

My Scarf

On these chilly nights, Thunder feels that my nose is too cold.  He has the solution.  He curls up on top of me and leans his body right on my face.

My nose stays warm.  Breathing is the bigger issue.  I end up turning my face to the side.  He purrs and purrs and purrs.  I don’t have the heart to push him away.  He will stay there easily for a few hours.

The real problem is that I like to read before I go to sleep.  Usually, I will get a few pages in--and up he pops on the bed.  I reluctantly put the book aside.  The good side of this is that it gets me to go to sleep earlier.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Kingdom of Days

With you I don’t hear the minutes ticking by
I don’t feel the hours as they fly
I don’t see the summer as it wanes
Just a subtle change of light upon your face

Walk away, walk away, walk away walk away
This is our kingdom of days.

Bruce Springsteen
“Kingdom of Days”

This has been Thunder and my song since the first time I heard it.  I have sung it to him many, many times over the years.  When I took this photo of him, capturing the only ray of sun we saw that day, I immediately thought of it because of the light on his face.

Here in Northeast Ohio, we don’t see much sun in November and December.  When we do, it is special.