Monday, December 26, 2016

Thunder and the New Windows

We had an unseasonably warm day for December, and when the temps got into the upper 50s, I turned down the thermostat and opened a bunch of my new windows.  They put them in a few weeks ago, and the smell from the caulking was still very strong.  It was time to get some fresh air.  This was an easy process since I no longer have to fuss with storm windows/

I was never able to open up the dining room window in the past, so this was a new experience for Thunder.  His eyes got big with amazement.  He very cautiously approached the window--sniffing the whole time.  I put one of his pedestals in front of it, and in a few minutes, he was on it peering out.

Thunder is one of those very cautious cats.  He isn't at all a daredevil like my sister's cat, Stormy.  It took him a while before he could just relax and look out of it.  It helped when we got some big gusts of wind and leaves started blowing around. Thunder loves hunting leaves.

You would think he would just want to stay in front if the window and enjoy a taste of the outdoors, but he was soon on his way.  He wanted to explore the whole house.  Once he gets into exploring mode, everything becomes interesting.  He would stop whenever he would hear the rare bird and just listen.  Then, of course, he got hungry...

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