Friday, February 17, 2017

Thunder's Name for Me

Thunder can't say my name.  It is even doubtful that he knows it. After all, we were never formally introduced.  Besides, when I got him, I changed his name.  He may have done the same for me.

He calls me Me-OW.  The second syllable is much higher and louder than the first.  He uses my name whenever he wants me.  He is not the kind of cat to follow me around if he wants to be with me.  He wants me to come to him.  I am supposed to be following him around.  He will just sit in the dining room and call me.  "Me-OW!"

I come running.  I seldom get through a meal without him calling me.  It was worse when I used to work.  I would come home and he expected me to talk to him--not eat my dinner.  "Me-OW!"

My name is so specific, that either he thinks that is my name or that meow translates to, "I want."  I am not sure.  It may be that they now mean the same thing.

He has many other meows, but this is the one he uses to call me.

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