Friday, July 14, 2017

Red Blanket

Red Blanket

A couple of years ago, Ellen got me the neatest gift for Christmas.  It is a small electric blanket--about 6x6.  It is just perfect for a chilly house like mine.  I like to keep it in our TV room.  Thunder, over time, has become very attached to it.  One of his favorite activities has turned into watching TV.  Actually, I don’t watch much TV at all--it has been months.  I sign out TV series from the library, instead.

Thunder has become obsessed with Red Blanket.  I usually don’t have it on, but he still keeps bringing me to it.  I walk up to him, and he trots away, with his tail up in the air--his signal to follow him.  He brings me to Red Blanket so I will sit and pet him, or give him pieces of dry cat food, one at a time.  

He rolls, stretches and purrs.  He begs for pets.

This happens many times a day.

He likes it so much that he is more tolerant of me grooming or brushing his teeth on Red Blanket than anywhere else.

I have taken to sitting on red blanket--instead of my favorite chair to read in the quiet part of the afternoon.  I turn it on low, and he gets so content.  Anything that makes Thunder happy, makes me happy, too.

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