Friday, October 21, 2016

Introducing My Nephew: The Cutest Cat in the World

Introducing My Nephew: The Cutest Cat in the World

Ellen’s cat, Stormy, is the only cat cuter than Thunder.  He showed up on her doorstep on a dark and stormy night, and never left.  She sends me adorable pictures of him all the time; and he is even cuter in person.

The most distinguishing thing about Storm is his lack of teeth.  Poor little guy had a condition where his body was attacking his teeth.  He completely recovered from the operation and even likes to eat some dry food.  

He is a very good-natured cat--except when he bites.  Not that that is a problem!  He likes to play, run around and pick on his dog, Stubby.  He eats a lot, but never gets fat because he is such an active cat.

Ellen delights me with stories about him every day, for he is as silly as he is cute.

I love to visit Stormy, and sometimes he is even sociable and plays games with me.  Other times, he just goes off and naps.  That is a cat for you.

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