Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Update on Thunder

Update on Thunder

I am so far behind with my plans for my cat blog.  Going back to work part time really messed me up.  I have been retired for a few weeks, now, but I have had trouble getting back into it.  That has just got to change.

If only Thunder agreed with me.  He is going through a very demanding stage.  He just wants attention all the time.  Whenever I try to do something, he is calling me to come talk to him, sit with him, follow him around, listen to him purr, play a game, feed him...

You get the idea. I am lucky to eat a meal without interruptions.  Blogging has been so tough.  I have to wait until the he finally gets tired and decides to nap--or if the sun is out.  This time of year, the sun doesn't shine in the house very much.  That will change when the leaves fall off the trees--which will be soon.  Of course, as winter approaches, there won't be many sunny days.  It will be colder in the house, too, so he will want to cuddle all the time.  It will be back to lap wars with him and the dog.

So, I will try to get my blogging in where I can, but taking care of Thunder is a higher priority than blogging about him.

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