Sunday, July 24, 2016

Thunder and My New Mattress

Thunder and My New Mattress

After years of wanting a new mattress, my brother offered to help me get it up to my bedroom.  My bedroom is atop circular stairs, and it was necessary to dismantle some of the stairs and then hoist the mattress up to the upper floor--not an easy project.

He came over one hot afternoon with my two nieces to complete the project.  Of course, Thunder went into hiding.

It took an hour, but we were successful.  My family left, and then it was time to introduce Thunder to our new bed.

Thunder is a very timid and careful cat--the kind that measures five times and jumps once.  I was afraid he might be scared by the new mattress.  It was much taller than the old one, and it had a different smell.  Thunder is very sensitive to smells.

I carried him upstairs.  He was very tense.  I put him down in the hallway, and he furtively entered my; all crouched down and small.  He didn’t notice the mattress, at first.  He noticed the pillows and blankets on the floor.  He went to investigate them, and I slowly put them on the bed.  He then had to look all around the room to make sure it was safe.  It seemed like he intentionally wasn’t looking at the mattress.

Finally, i told him it was time to check out the mattress.  I lifted him up to his favorite corner.  He stood there for a moment, and then he laid down, stretched his paws out and got a look of contentment on his face.  He liked to two layers of memory foam.  I chose well.

He only sat there for a few minutes, and then he wanted to explore the other bedroom, too.  A cat can never be too careful.

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