Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Can't Resist Him

He has become impossible, simply impossible.  Unless he is sleepy, he keep demanding attention.  When I am out of the room, he calls me.  I go to see what he wants, and he is striking one of his adorable poses to get me to visit him.  Sometimes he is sitting on his claw post or he may be stretched out on the floor.  As soon as he sees me, he pops up and trots over to the TV room and demands that I pet him.  Do I have any choice?  Of course not.  After a few minutes, I go back to what I was doing.  A few minutes later, it starts all over, again.

Does he care that I am writing a cat blog which he stars in?  Of course not.

I just don’t have the power to resist him, and he knows it.  

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