Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thunder’s New Routine

Thunder’s New Routine

I am on my fourth week of retirement, and Thunder’s routine is changing.  On the mornings that I am at home, he was starting to nap about 8:00--and he would stay napping until 11:00.  He is still napping, though he will start it a little later if I sleep in.  I then go out to work in the yard and take Maggie for her long walk.  When I get back, he wakes up to greet me and is very sociable.  He then goes and sits in the sun in the dining room and wants me to pet him.
He still seems tired, but at least he isn’t deep under the dining room table where I can’t be with him.  By around 11:00, he is much more awake for a few hours--ten he takes an early afternoon nap.  

I thnk he is really happy to have me around, and since I am around more often, he seems less frantic about spending time with me.  He doesn’t start crying if I’m not in the same room as much, and I can eat most of my meals in the kitchen in peace.

On the hot days, and there has been a lot of them, he is much quieter and doesn’t eat as much.  He has been doing a lot of eating overnight.  He has always been like that.  I used to panic--the first few years I had him--that he wasn’t eating enough.  I know better, now.

He does lay in the sun a lot in the morning, but only for short periods in the evening because he gets too warm and has to cool off

If I leave him for more than a few hours, I am still getting the ecstatic greetings that go on and on...

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