Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thunder and Maggie

Thunder and Maggie

Thunder the Cat really doesn’t care much for Maggie the Dog, but it seems that they are getting along better now that I am home more often.  Thunder is still pouncing Maggie, but not as often.  The problem boils down to there only being one of me and two of them.  They both want me to pay attention to them.  

Thunder is the aggressor; not Maggie.  She likes to pretend he doesn’t exist and merely tries to interfere by just walking between us and asking for attention.  Thunder pounces her and even chases her.  He doesn’t like the way she smells, and he hates how she barks at any noise, the neighbors and the wildlife in the yard.

In the cooler weather, he hates when she sits on my lap.  She is too large for laps, and she leaves very little room for him.  He will walk over, look at the problem and walk away in disgust.  Finally, he will find a way to squeeze on my lap regardless of her.  That lasts until she hears something to bark at, and then he runs away as fast as he can.

Like I said, Thunder is more accepting of her since retirement.  He will walk up to her and rub his body on her chest or brush his tail on her face.  She doesn't understand and just looks at me in disgust.  I praise her and even click her sometimes to encourage her to allow him to do that to her.

Of course, this may have nothing to do with my retirement and more to do with the very hot summer.  I have no air conditioning, so the two of them are sleeping more because of the heat.  When the weather cools off, dog pouncing may become Thunder’s favorite sport, again.

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